How Packaging Design Can Build Your Brand

Effective packaging can sell a brand when someone is looking for a specific type of product. It’s a powerful visual design element that needs to be a key ingredient in your marketing mix. It’s also essential to help you build your brand’s image and identity so that you truly stand out from the crowd.
An easily identifiable brand sets itself apart from the competition. Knowing what’s unique about your brand can give your product personality and create positive associations in the minds of your customers.

Brand recall is important – you want customers to look for and instantly identify your brand. Creative, attractive packaging with distinctive colors, materials and textures always make a product noticeable. Staying consistent with your brand identity across your different products can help build loyalty if the brand identity and packaging is eye catching.

Packaging design, also known as trade dress, is a vital part of building a recognizable brand. It’s a huge opportunity to positively impact your brand image. Unique packaging can:
• Add to your product name, slogan and logo – becoming a component of your trademark.
• Help build an identity for your brand.
• Play an important role in your product’s salability.
• Contribute to the marketability of your offering.
Brands can be conveyed in a split-second by the use of a signature color, a distinctive icon, imagery, or the contour of a product’s packaging. Some of the world’s largest brands are known for their innovative packaging.

For your custom liquid packaging, you should have a few other things in mind. First, you want to engage the buyers’ emotions. People may like to think that they’re rational, but buying decisions are heavily influenced by emotion. You want your packaging to make people ‘feel’ something, not think something.

Offer relief from visual noise. Sometimes it’s so easy to get carried away with creative packaging design that the final result is overly ornate or impractical. Consumers are bombarded with options, constantly over-stimulated by the packages of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of products on the shelves in front of them. Offering them a moment of visual calm with a simple design can boost your product big time and give your brand a reputation as a problem-solver — consumers won’t just keep buying your product, they’ll feel relief when they see it in the store.

Whether you’re a classic, modern, contemporary brand or Eco-friendly, or luxury brand; package design and development speaks the language of your brand identity. Here you can really communicate the true identity of your brand and attract your direct consumer.